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BLOCKS - 3D Configurator Software

The platform to build and maintain your own 3D product configurators and planners.

Screen-shot of a tree with BLOCKS. By building a tree with BLOCKS and combining all the functions you can build a 3d product catalogs, 3d product configurators and all kinds of planners. For example a roomplanner, a kitchenplanner or a bathroom planners. But also for planning spaces outside, for instance a playground or road-work When you have dragged in all the functions that you need for you configurator or planner, you can first push test-publish and the test result is created. You can test it, see if all the BLOCKS are reacting as you want, colors are as you like, social media buttons are in place. If so, then you can push the publish button and start the configurator. You can easily integrate it into you own website and even use a css BLOCK to create your own style.

With the Configuration Studio BLOCKS-system you can easily build, maintain and share your online 3D product configurators and planners. It can contain simple products, multiple part products with logic and everything in between. You can publish complete configurators and planners in which your customers can see and configure your products, explore its options, combine parts and get detailed information. Your webdeveloper can easily adapt the design to your house style and integrate it in your site. more...
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